Robocalling and Robotexting Compliance
Luminary Financial, in its commitment to ethical and lawful business practices, acknowledges the recent regulatory changes set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding robocalling and robotexting. In December 2023, the FCC implemented new rules, closing the “lead generator loophole” and establishing guidelines for marketers engaging in solicitation through automated calls or texts.

Early Compliance Initiatives
Luminary Financial has proactively adopted measures to comply with the FCC regulations, demonstrating our commitment to responsible communication practices. We want to ensure that our users are informed about these changes and understand our dedication to transparency and compliance.

‘One-to-One’ Consent Requirement
The FCC now mandates a “one-to-one consent” approach, requiring marketers to obtain explicit, prior written consent from the consumer for each identified seller before delivering robocalls or robotexts. Luminary Financial aligns with this requirement, emphasizing the importance of obtaining separate consent for each seller to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

‘Clear and Conspicuous’ Disclosure
To protect consumers, the FCC mandates a “clear and conspicuous” disclosure to consumers before obtaining their consent for robocalls or robotexts. Luminary Financial ensures that our disclosure meets these standards, making it apparent to a reasonable consumer and, if required, compliant with the E-Sign Act for obtaining valid signatures.

‘Logically and Topically’ Related Communications
Luminary Financial recognizes the need for communications resulting from consumer consent to be “logically and topically” related to the interaction that prompted the consent. We commit to delivering content that aligns with consumer expectations, ensuring that our communications remain relevant to the purpose for which consent was given.

National Do Not Call Registry Extension
In addition to the FCC’s rules, Luminary Financial extends the protections of the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry to marketing text messages, aligning our practices with the broader framework of the TCPA. While text messages can still reach consumers on the National DNC Registry with their prior express invitation or permission, Luminary Financial emphasizes compliance with these requirements.

Ongoing Commitment to Compliance
As Luminary Financial adapts to these regulatory changes, we reaffirm our commitment to compliance, transparency, and ethical business practices. We will continue to monitor and adjust our processes to align with any updates in the regulatory landscape, ensuring that our users’ interests and privacy are protected.

Contact Information
For any questions or concerns regarding Luminary Financial’s compliance with robocalling and robotexting regulations, please contact us:

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